This is my new holiday. I hope you like it. Here’s how to celebrate. Look at the levels below and identify where you are. Then go to the next level, if even for just one repetition. if you can do 20 at any level, you automatically need to move up. 1. There’s nothing you can […]

To help you get your 2013 health habits started early, I’m hosting a Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge. The prize is $300 worth of personal training. If at least 200 people participate, the prize will increase to $500 of training. The contest officially begins Jan. 1 and ends March 1. The winner is the person […]

Embracing a healthy, fit lifestyle doesn’t have to be all or nothing. The first thing you need is a habit.  It can be a teeny, tiny habit–the important thing is that it becomes automatic. You want it to be something that you never think, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” It should be like brushing your […]

Willpower can not be bought in a book. That’s why diet books are such incredible money makers–they just keep failing and we move on to the next one, hoping that the magic cure will make us thin and sexy forever. You already know the magic formula. We all do. Burn more than you eat. Vegetables […]

INDIANAPOLIS – Daily exercise is not only good for the body but also for the mind, according to research published in the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. This study, in the December edition of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise®, shows that being physically fit can prevent brain atrophy and […]