Pushup Saturday

This is my new holiday. I hope you like it. Here’s how to celebrate. Look at the levels below and identify where you are. Then go to the next level, if even for just one repetition. if you can do 20 at any level, you automatically need to move up.

1. There’s nothing you can say to make me want to do a pushup.

2. Hands on the wall, feet back, making a triangle with the wall as one side, the floor as another and your body as the third.

3. Hands on a chair seat. See #2.

4. Hands on the floor, knees on the floor. (Keep your feet down to reduce pressure on your kneecaps.)

5. Standard pushups

6. Let’s move backwards. Get those feet up on the chair (or anything elevated.)

7. Put your feet (not knees!) on a stability ball. Feet close together to make it more fun.

8. Back on the floor, but between reps, add a plyometric push and lift your hands off the ground. When I was little, my dad would clap between reps–while I sat on his back. I’m not going to recommend that in case you or your child get hurt and sue me for suggesting insane pushups.





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